George Gruhn

«For me, the term “vintage” should be applied to instruments manufactured in a specific “Golden Era” time frame and has no absolute fixed reference to an accumulated age based on an arbitrary mark (i.e. 50 years old or 100 years old). For each individual maker or manufacturer, their “Golden Era” may be a different time. The “Golden Era” for Gibson and Martin steel-string acoustic instruments begins in the 1920s and extends into the early 1940s. The “Golden Era” for Fender and Gibson solidbody electric instruments is completely different (beginning in 1950 and continuing into the mid-1960s). The definition of “vintage guitar” remains a function of the instrument’s production during a “Golden Era”, not because it is a specific number of years old. Much the same can be said for fine art. The quality and desirability of art is not simply a matter of age.» (George Gruhn)