1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Serial: 8-1016

Probably considered one of the true “Holy Grail” guitars for any collector or musician, a 1958 Gibson Les Paul is certainly not your “everyday find”.

1958 marks the year when Gibson decided to set a new “standard” finish for their Les Paul, the now infamous “burst”, and it’s a very interesting year for the les Paul, since a few different variations in finish were experimented.

A very common feature for a 1958 Goldtop usually is a “darkback” finish, while a few were made with a “natural” finish on the back, just before deciding to change the classic “Goldtop” finish on the front to the now infamous “Burst”. The Les Paul Standards made by Gibson between 1958 and the end of 1960 probably are one of the very few Guitar models that are instantly recognizable by anybody, since they became timeless Icons and their design is far from being outdated today.

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