1952 – Fender “Precision” Bass – serial #0085

When Leo Fender started thinking about building a “solidbody” Electric Guitar back in 1949, his more ambitious idea was to develop a full line of musical instruments to suit virtually every musician’s need or music style.

When the first solidbody electric guitars, paired to the early powerful amplifiers started to be used on stage, it was immediately apparent that the old styled “double bass”, which is one of the largest traditional instruments, was hard to transport, difficult to play, and couldn’t just be heard anymore when placed next to drums and loud amplified guitars.

So Leo started to work to another revolutionary design, and came out in 1951 with the “Precision” Fender Bass, the solidbody counterpart of his Telecaster and Esquire.

Today, on our Vintage Vault Bench, we are excited to have a fully original early 1952 Fender “Precision” Bass, found from the original owner a few years ago.

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