Vintage Visions from the world: Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli from Fender Vintage Museum Private Collection – Italy

Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli have invested years of research and passion to bring together a collection of Fender instruments, amplifiers and memorabilia unprecedented in Italy. Over the years the idea of a real “traveling museum” was born, which is set up by them in an exemplary manner in dedicated exhibitions but also, in a more contained form, at Guitar Shows.. But Flavio is also a musician, and has dedicated part of his incredible collection to the reconstruction of the sounds of the legendary Pink Floyd, from the speakers of the amplifiers to the effects used for the electric guitar.

Today we interviewed Flavio to learn more about his story, passion and future expectations.

Question: Good morning Flavio, and thank you for being here with us today. Let’s start with the apparently easier question…. What does the word “Vintage” mean to you?

Answer: Hello first of all and thank you for the opportunity offered to us (to me Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli of Fender vintage Museum) to collaborate and participate in this beautiful initiative. My answer to the question is: personal passion, love, knowledge, study, preservation and unconditional interest in all those accessories or objects in general that have characterized, dressed and accompanied us as a soundtrack and historical scenario in the entire second half of the 1900s starting from the late post-war period in the main countries of the world.

Q.: When did you buy your first real “vintage” guitar?

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