Vintage visions from the world: Peter Dorvil from Guitar Hunter – DK

Peter Dorvil, owner and founder of Guitar Hunter, a beautiful shop located in Copenhagen, with a particular focus for fine Vintage and rare Guitars. Over the years, Peter has earned a reputation for being a trustworthy, professional and passionate person, who offers an immersive experience to his customers provided with excellent photography, videos, and documentation for each guitar or amp offered for sale.

Today here at Vintage Vault we’ve asked Peter to answer a few questions regarding his story, passion and future expectations.

Question: Good morning Peter and thanks for being here today with us! So let’s start with the (only apparently) easiest question….What does “Vintage” mean to you?

Answer: Hi Cesco and Vintage Vault ! Thank you for thinking of me. It means a lot to me. All that great music that was made out of these fine instruments and the backstory of how they were built is very fascinating for me. That history is more than just a guitar with 6 strings. The look and feel is out of this world, and in my opinion they’re just magical to hold and play. When you try an all original vintage guitar for the first time, there’s something happening that’s hard to explain. Overall, these instruments can’t be replaced.

Q. When did you buy your very first “vintage” guitar? Which one was it?

A. Back in 2004 I purchased my first vintage guitar. It was an original 1975 Rickenbacker 480 in White finish. I was a big fan of a Danish singer/songwriter called Tim Christensen. He had a couple of these and his sound was amazing. This model through an old 1962 Vox AC30 blowed me away. So I simply needed that guitar, because that sound was so fantastic. Afterwards I realized that even though the sound was great, it didn’t sound like Tim Christensen, because there’s only one that can play and sounds like him. 🙂

Q. When did you realise that those “old guitars” had something special?

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