Vintage visions from the world: Mike Long from ATB Guitars – UK

Mike Long, owner and founder of one of Great Britain’s finest guitar shops, has handled some of the most sought after guitars ever made, from the iconic “burst” Les Paul model to the earliest Fender Broadcaster.  Today here at Vintage Vault we’ve asked Mike to answer to a few questions regarding his story, passion and future expectations.

Question: Good morning Mike and thanks for being here today with us! So let’s start with the (only apparently) easiest question….What does “Vintage” mean for you?

Answer: A assault (in a nice way) of all your senses. Vintage guitars are not just about the sound or the look, it is also about the feel and the smell which is something no modern luthier or custom shop facility has yet replicated. By taking over your senses, it wraps you in a feeling of warmth and transforms you back to your childhood.

Q: When did you buy your very first “vintage” guitar? Which one was it?

A: When I was 13 I bought my first vintage guitar a s/h 1972 Gibson SG-1. It wasn’t great but it was all I could afford on a paper boys wages and it had ‘Gibson’ on the headstock.

Q: When did you realize that those “old guitars” had something special?

A: It probably wasn’t until I upgraded from my SG-1 to an early 70’s Les Paul Custom. Then I was hooked.

Q: When you opened your first “vintage” shop?

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