Vintage Visions from the world: Halkan Hallquisth from Halkan’s Rockhouse – Sweden

Jan “Halkan” and William Hallquisth, father and son, they run together the beautiful Halkan’s Rockhouse in Stockholm, Sweden, which was the very first established and main Vintage Guitar Dealer in Scandinavia since 1970, when Halkan founded it. He shared his passion and knowledge and passed it on to his son, William, and their place is a must to be visited for any Guitar lover visiting Stockholm. They’ve handled some of the finest Vintage Guitars ever built, from the iconic “bursts” to the elusive original “Flying V from the 50s”.  

We’ve asked to Halkan and Will to answer to a few questions regarding their story, passion and future expectations.

Question: Good morning Halkan, and thanks for being here today with us! So let’s start with the (only apparently) easiest question…. What does “Vintage” mean to you? 

Answer: I think that, to me, “Vintage” is any rare or classical looking item/instrument that has at least 40-50 years of age.

 Q: When did you buy your very first “vintage” guitar? Which one was it?

A: My first vintage guitar that I bought was a red 1960 two pickup Hofner solid body, that must have been in 1963. Before that I bought a brand new two pickup Egmond 7 in 1961. I think more or less the same model as the one Paul McCartney also had back in the old days. 

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