Vintage Visions from the world: Joni Thompson from JTKM Studio – UK

JTKM Studio is a Vintage Guitar shop based in York, UK, which focuses on searching the finest Vintage pieces from the Golden Era, possibly in mint to near mint conditions. With a particular love for Offset guitars and Gretsch solidbody guitars, Joni provides a thorough expertise and professional photography to offer to its customers the best Vintage Experience possible.

Today here at Vintage Vault we asked Joni to answer to a few questions regarding his story, passion and future expectations.

Question – Good morning Joni and thanks for being here today with us! So let’s start with the (only apparently) easiest question….What does “Vintage” mean for you?
Answer – Vintage for me is a nostalgic ideal or romance that we as people feel is part of who we are, where we have been and where we are going in life. I wear vintage leather jackets, drive classic MG sports cars and play vintage guitars because they tell a story and have lived a life, and I want to continue these stories. Vintage is ultimately what we, as individuals, can relate our own life experiences to such that we feel a profound connection to such vintage items because of this. When I see a 1950’s knotty pine Gretsch Round Up, there I am, transported to my childhood watching old western movies with my parents, bother and sister and my heart literally skips a beat. To own one literally means everything to me as it helps hold those memories that little bit closer. Similar, show me a wicked custom colour 1962 Fender Jaguar kitted out in all its chrome glory and I’m back in the ocean, my favourite place on planet Earth, without a care in the world.

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