About us

Vintage Vault is an online and real-life space where the genuine passion for “vintage” guitars of the golden age is shared, with the intention of transferring the culture of quality and beauty of these iconic musical instruments to new generations. This website will be constantly fed with articles on guitar history, presentations of rare instruments, and interviews.

Vintage Vault was born as a virtual place, but it also promotes real events where vintage lovers from all over the world can see, touch and listen to these musical treasures that helped create immortal music. Already “other” when they were built, these guitars retain their aura today.

Vintage Vault is the result of the initiative of a nonprofit cultural association (“Accordiamoci“), which Accordo (since 1992 publisher of the website of the same name and organizer of SHG Music Show) is promoting. The association was created to keep alive, by telling it, the history of the guitar instrument as the protagonist of our music from the beginning of the 20th century, so that this heritage of quality and creativity will not be dispersed, but will be handed down to new generations.

Get in touch: info@vintagevault.it

Press: pr@accordo.it – Whatsapp (only text) ‭+39 350 9331479‬


Vintage Vault is an initiative of the same people who have been chronicling music and instruments on Accordo.it for 30 years and bringing them into the real world at SHG Music Show.